Ultra-fast Clickstone technology

The Clickstone works on a simple principle: click into the rail,
position, tighten, done. This results in fast assembly, precise
positioning and increased security during installation. The
Clickstone’s symmetrical design lets the installer insert the
Clickstone into the rail more easily, adjust it more accurately
and secure it more quickly.


· Advantages of East-West orientation
· Higher energy yields
· Improved grid-tied performance factors
· Many advantages of a single axis tracking system with none of the moving parts


On-roof Systems

Alpha+ and Tau+

The base for solar power


Mounting Systems GmbH, an ISO-certified company, is one of the largest manufacturers of racking systems for photovoltaic and solar-thermal power plants worldwide.

Flat Roof Systems

Lambda and Lambda Light

In Roof Systems

Kappa and Theta


CALSEIA member

Mounting Systems, Inc. has become the newest member of the nation’s largest state solar power trade association, the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA).

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UL 467 certification

Mounting Systems’ bonding mid-clamps are now officially ETL listed to the UL 467 Standard for bonding and grounding devices! The UL 467 Standard is a rigorous standard whose requirements go far beyond those of UL Subject 2703 Ed. 2.

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Introducing the new Lambda Light series at Intersolar NA

Mounting Systems’ Product Manager Don Massa introduces our new flat roof systems Lambda Light EW+ and Lambda Light S+ at the Intersolar 2014 in San Francisco. To watch the video click here!