Immediately available

Pre-engineered system with off-the-shelve components immediately available through your local distributor for a convenient ground mount solution

Fully customizable

Tailor your specific project needs with our flexible Sigma Alu for 100 kW+ projects or robust Sigma Steel for 1 MW+ projects.

Sigma Pure

With PE stamped configurations, fast procurement, and easy installation, Sigma Pure is the most ideal ground mount system for projects under 100 kW.

Sigma Alu

As one of the most flexible designs available, Sigma Alu accommodates project specifications best suited for projects over 100 kW.

Sigma Steel

Sigma Steel offers the design of aluminum with the strength of steel. It is design specifically for commercial- and utility-scale systems.


Established in West Sacramento, CA since 2010 as the US-based affiliate of Mounting Systems, GmbH, one of the leading international manufacturers of solar racking and ground mount systems. 

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