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Established in West Sacramento, CA since 2010 as the US-based affiliate of Mounting Systems, GmbH, one of the leading international manufacturers of solar racking and ground mount systems. 



  • For projects < 100 kW

  • Pre-engineered

  • Available/ distribution

  • Multiple footing options

  • Preassembled

  • Low maintenance

  • Landscape or portrait

Ready for your residential projects.


Planning Aid




With PE-stamped documents and components readily available through distribution, planning and lead times are reduced while still guaranteeing a robust, reliable ground mount system. 

This superstructure is compatible with either earth screws or concrete piers and can accommodate landscape and portrait orientations.

Highly versatile

Optimal Design

The strong, extruded aluminum superstructure helps maximize the span between supports, decreasing the overall number of supports required.

Maximum Service Life

All components are made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel. This guarantees both full recyclability and maximum service life due to high corrosion resistance.

Module Bearing Rail

  • 45/75 Rail

  • Aluminum

"Our first couple of installs with the Sigma Pure system have gone very well. Lots of positive reviews from the field."

Geoff Sparrow, Director of Engineering.

ReVision Energy