• For projects > 1 MW

  • Single- or dual- post

  • Magnelis-coated

  • Configuration versatility 

  • Preassembled

  • Clickstone clamps

  • High corrosion resistance

  • Proprietary cold-rolled steel profile

The design of aluminium, the strength of steel.

Superior strength

Mounting Systems’ Magnelis® coated steel profiles provide seal-healing properties with protective layer of magnesium-aluminum double hydroxides, preventing contact with oxidizing agents in the air without weakening or reducing metal thickness.

Fast and secure

Sigma Steel employs a new, proprietary cold-rolled, steel profile for speed and ease of installation. Securing modules to the steel rails is fast with preassembled Clickstone clamps.

Unlimited adjustable

Sigma Steel accommodates landscape or portrait design optimized for specific project requirements. Rafters are vertically (±1.5 in.) and horizontally (±1 in.) adjustable with no field fabrication. 

Maximum longevity

With Magnelis coated cold-rolled steel, hot-dipped galvanized posts, and zinc flake-coated fasteners, Sigma Steel is built to last, even in the harshest, most corrosive environments. 


Module Bearing Rail and Rafter


"These ground mount systems demonstrate high quality control when checking the parts and connection points on each module. Throughout the process, we received a high responsiveness from Mounting Systems for technical solutions and support during the installation."

Helge Biernath of Sunstall. Novato, CA. Installer.