• Composite shingle roofs

  • Minimal part count

  • Low shipping & labor costs

  • One tool required

  • Vertical adjustability

  • North-South adjustability

  • UL 2703, Edition 1

  • UL 1703

Eliminate your rails with Element.

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Less time, parts & costs

Element features all the essential components needed for a secure and durable system without rails, simplifying shipment to just a few, small boxes. This equates to lower material costs while minimizing shipping, handling, and labor expenses.

One tool required

Only one ½ inch hex socket is needed for a completed, fully-functional racking system, making for a smooth and efficient installation.



The standoff provides North-South adjustability whereas the rotating hex sleeve assists with vertical adjustability, both of which expedite leveling and account for any roof irregularities.

Durable & resilient

Element is able to withstand large seismic, snow, and wind loads thanks to its unique, die-cast aluminum profile, resulting in a highly resilient system.



  • For composite shingle roof

  • Includes elevated lag bolt platform penetration protection


"Element is a simple and safe solution for customers deciding to go rail-free."

Thomas, Los Angeles, CA, Installer