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Established in West Sacramento, CA since 2010 as the US-based affiliate of Mounting Systems, GmbH, one of the leading international manufacturers of solar racking and ground mount systems. 



  • Trapezoidal metal roofs

  • Clickstone technology

  • Preassembled components

  • Highly cost-effective

  • Mini Rail design

The preferred system for trapezoidal metal roofs.

Tau+’s patented Clickstone technology and extensive preassembly make installation fast and reliable.

Quick installation

Tau+ Mini Rails are convenient for a "rail-free" alternative layout. Available in landscape orientation.

Mini Rail design

By mounting to the side of the ridge instead of with adhesives or penetrations at the top of the ridge, the Tau+ system minimizes cost while maximizing strength.

Minimizing costs

The system’s components are designed with aluminum or stainless steel, ensuring high resistance to corrosion, an extended service life, and complete recyclability.

Long service life



Data Sheets



Mini Rail

  • Available in landscape orientation

  • Includes pre-mounted EPDM

  • Equivalent to rail-free metal roof system

"This system was easy to install and optimized our client’s energy output.”

Ron, Albuquerque, NM. Installer