Our Systems out in the field

Explore our ground mount and on-roof installations spanning from coast to coast and in international markets. We strive to meet the needs of our customers, even in the harshest climates.

Alpha +

Size: 2.9 kW

Location: Rocklin, CA

Project Name: Solarthon

Alpha +

Size: 4 kW

Location: Berlin, Germany

Tau +

Size: 85 kW

Location: Netherlands

Project Name: Montfort

Tau +

Size: 24 kW

Location: Austria

Project Name: Hohenwarth

Sigma Alu

Size: 854 kW

Location: Topeka, KS

Project: VA Medical Center

Sigma Alu

Size: 1 MW

Location: Nevada

Project: DRI

Sigma Pure

Size: 100 kW

Location: Arbuckle, CA

Project Name: Ritchie Rd

Sigma Steel

Size: 280 kW

Location: Manteca, CA

Projet Name: River Oak Walnut Orchard

Sigma Steel

Size: 4 MW

Location: Livermore, CA

Project Name: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories

Sigma Steel

Size: 3 MW

Location: Allendale, MI

Project Name: Grand Valley State University


Established in West Sacramento, CA since 2010 as the US-based affiliate of Mounting Systems, GmbH, one of the leading international manufacturers of solar racking and ground mount systems. 

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