BriarPatch Co-Op teams up to go solar!

West Sacramento, CA – BriarPatch Co-Op, a locally owned and operated Natural Foods Community Market, has been dedicated since day one to Going Green. Their building, located in Grass Valley, was the first commercial building in Nevada County to be LEED Certified by the US Green Building Council. They are taking it one step further this October by going solar, adding a photovoltaic system to their parking structure that generates both power and shade.

BriarPatch will be adding 680 solar panels that will produce enough green energy to offset 55% of their overall demand from PG&E. With the help of local solar installation team, California Solar Electric, these solar panels will be installed atop a shade structure that creates shade for 48 new parking spaces and a walkway.

California Solar Electric, also headquartered in Grass Valley, has been providing clean energy to customers for over 16 years. Led by Lars Ortegren and his dedicated team of professionals, California Solar Electric has brought more than 5 MW of solar energy online. The team is composed of dedicated solar energy professionals who consistently deliver affordable energy solutions to their satisfied customers.

California Solar Electric has chosen WESCO Renewables to handle the supply chain side of their project. WESCO has been a leader in industrial supply since 1922 with over 500 full service locations and 9,300 employees. WESCO brings knowledge and vendor relationships to the table to ensure that projects get done on time, on budget, and with the best materials on the market.

One of the manufacturers chosen to be a part of this project is Mounting Systems, a solar racking manufacturer based locally in West Sacramento, CA. Mounting Systems has been a leading racking manufacture for 23 years with a worldwide presence in the solar industry. With offices in Germany, France, UK, Japan, and the US, Mounting Systems has supplied over 8 GW of solar racking to more than 50 countries. It is because of the partnerships with suppliers like WESCO, contractors like California Solar Electric, and customers like BriarPatch that have led to the overall success of Mounting Systems.

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