Oroville Union High School District upgrades to solar energy

West Sacramento, CA – Oroville Union High School District brings the value of renewable energy to classrooms through the integration of solar power. In an effort to save energy, the district’s board of trustees approved the incorporation of solar power last spring, appointing Sunworks as the contractor to install over 2,638 solar modules atop their classrooms, garages, carports, and agricultural buildings. With the installation near completion, the schools will soon experience the benefits of energy savings and reduced costs.

“A unique challenge to this project involved Oroville’s portable classroom units which required a significant amount of engineering, in addition to out-of-the-box thinking, in order to get the arrays properly installed and configured for the school,” states Abe Madrid, Senior Project Manager of Public Works at Sunworks. “Our first task is to always analyze the goals, priorities, and overall needs of our customers.”

To accommodate the district’s requirements and maximize the overall energy output, Sunworks implemented Mounting System’s Alpha+ rail, a cost-effective racking solution that’s angled toward the sun’s arch, reaping the best power production possible. Mounting System’s Alpha+ rail provides optimal sun exposure and power conversion throughout most of the day. “

The Alpha+ racking system was the solution to everything we needed to achieve this project,” Madrid continues. According to Sunworks, Oroville High School can now expect to offset approximately 80% of their energy consumption and bills each year using this system.

Sunworks worked in partnership with WESCO as the distributor for this project. “Sunworks, Mounting Systems, and WESCO worked together on designing a fully compliant UL product while under a challenging installation deadline,” states Robert Ellis, the WESCO Sales Account Manager. “With Mounting Systems, we were able to engineer a solution together before the due date, making Oroville Union High School District extremely happy with our work.”

In addition to solar panels, Oroville Union High School District upgraded their roofing, air conditioning units, and playground structures. These upgrades will help make their high school campuses all the more efficient and sustainable for years to come.


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